Hi, my name is Peter K, and I am Black Is Blue.

Of suspicious French origin, I am a musician and DJ. I have lived all over the world, including Paris, Brussels, London, The Caribbean, New Zealand and Norway.

Black is Blue is an electronic music project inspired by industrial music, new wave, ambient, electronica, as well as movie and game soundtracks.

I started this solo project in 2011 and released the first six-track Ep in 2012.

After a couple of years traveling around the world, I am currently living in Norway, in the Oslo region.

The Era Discordia album was released in November 2014. This album was inspired by the race to the stars, NASA archives, the cold war, science fiction, paranoïa, discordianism and space radiation damage. I wrote and recorded this album while recovering from an accident that left me unable to walk for five months.

In 2016 I started adding photo and video to my work and am planning to release a new EP in 2017.

Black Is Blue is put together in Ableton Live, and mastered in Logic, mainly using Izotope Ozone. I use plugins from Live, Native Instruments, Max For Live/MSP, and the magnificent AfroDjMac.